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The Brazilian Wheat Sector and Their Interactions With International Trade - Voltar

This report was developed by FGV Projetos, the FGV technical advisory unit in charge of using the academic knowledge generated and assembled at its schools and institutes.

It was developed for ANUFOOD Brazil – Internacional Trade Show Exclusively for the Food and Beverage Sector, is the only event dedicated to companies of food and beverage industry of all sizes: producers, manufactures, importes, exporters, who want to expand and strengthen their business in South America and benefit from an internacional trade plataform to position their produtcs in the local market.

E-book The brazilian wheat sector and their interactions with International trade

While Brazil is the world's 19th largest wheat producer with a production of about 4.26 million tons, economies such as the European Union, China, India and Russia dominate world production. These economies together produce 465 million tons of wheat, accounting for 61% of world production.

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