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Workshop: on Animal Protein and Dairy Packages

The WORKSHOP ON ANIMAL PROTEIN AND DAIRY PACKAGES will bring consumption trends and technological innovations to the sector.

The event will take place during ANUFOOD BRAZIL, and will address topics such as raw materials, trends, innovations, processing, filling and packaging technologies. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the novelties in packaging for animal protein and dairy products and consumer trends that the Institute of Packaging has recently garnered at points of sale in Europe.

The event is aimed at professionals in this industry and the packaging sector who are interested in updating their knowledge.

At the end of the Workshop, the speakers take part in a debate to raise the discussion about the news presented.

More information and registration:
Phones: (11) 2854-7770 / (11) 3431-0727
WhatsApp: (11) 9.4720-9466

Strategic Partnership: ABIA ABIA FGV ITAL
Social Responsibility Partner: Gerando Falcões