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ANUFOOD Brazil Conferences Programme

ANUFOOD Brazil Conferences Programme will be held in one of the greatest auditoriums of the event and has organization, curatorship and expertise of FGV Projetos and co-organization of Fiesp / Senai to deliver the latest and relevant unpublished contents. FGV Projetos is the Fundação Getulio Vargas unit of studies and research in charge of the application of the academic knowledge, generated and built up by its Schools and Institutes, as well as a co-organizer of ANUFOOD Brazil.

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Tereza Cristina Corrêa da Costa Dias, Minister of State for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

Tereza Cristina stands out as one of the most qualified leaders of the current government. In just one year in front of the Agriculture portfolio, she has accumulated an admirable record of opening new markets and defending the image of agribusiness at the international level. In addition to these issues, the Minister will address her expectations for the food sector in 2020.

PANEL 2: MARKETS | 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

GLOBAL ECONOMY PERSPECTIVES, Joaquim Levy, economist and former Minister of Finance and former president of BNDES

With the experience accumulated at the World Bank, Ministry of Finance, BNDES, the engineer and PhD in Economics Joaquim Levy will assess the prospects and challenges of the global economy in 2020: elections in the U.S.; trade war between China and the U.S.; the performance of these two major economies and how this scenario can impact Brazil’s growth.

PERSPECTIVES FOR GLOBAL AGROINDUSTRY, Alexandre Mendonça de Barros, agronomist and partner MBAgro Director

One of the greatest specialists in the macroeconomic analysis of Agribusiness in Brazil, with vast experience in academia, as a consultant and advisor to large companies, Alexandre’s characteristic is his ability to make well-founded diagnoses on the movements of the global economy and their impact on Brazilian agribusiness.

THE ROLE OF APEX AT AGRO’S GLOBAL SCENARY, Admiral Sergio Ricardo Segovia Barbosa, President of APEX

APEX plays a strategic role for the food industry in the country: to open new markets; to consolidate those already conquered and to diversify the export tariff. Admiral Sergio Segovia Barbosa will address these challenges and his priorities before the Agency

DEBATE – Roberto Rodrigues – Moderator

THE FOOD INDUSTRY IN BRAZIL AND THE CONSUMER DEMAND, Luiz Madi, Director of Institutional Affairs of ITAL

For 19 years, Luiz Madi was head of the Food Technology Institute of the State of São Paulo. His management has been characterized by the opening of the Institute to partnerships with the food industries in Brazil and with the main research centers in the world. Madi led a series of analyses on trends in the food sector in Brazil, based on new consumer demands.

AGRIFOOD DIGITAL PROCESSING, Juan Francisco Delgado Morales, Vice President of the European Innovation Foundation

Vice President of the European Innovation Foundation, Juan has a strong presence in the European market through Smart Agrifood. Innovation and partnerships with Brazilian Startaps are the focus of the initiative in Brazil.


Renato Dolci takes a very critical look at social media. For several years he studied the food sector on the Web, through the eyes of the consumer, as he did in the study “The Table of Brazilians”, published by Fiesp. Dolci will talk about the influences, aspirations and passions, sometimes radical, that permeate the subject on the Internet.

COMMUNICATION IN THE FOOD SECTOR, Marcelo Suarez, economist and Marketing Director for BRF consumer brands

The current challenges of the food industry are to understand the aspirations of the various generations of consumers who make up an increasingly connected and interdependent society.

DEBATE – Roberto Rodrigues – Moderator
PANEL 4 – LEGISLATION | 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Few sectors of the economy are as regulated as food. Because of the passionate positions the subject provokes, Dornellas works to ensure that decisions are guided by science and by a careful regulatory impact analysis. A complex mission, at a time when versions sometimes prevail over facts.

LEGISLATION IN THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY, Igor Castro, Technical-regulatory Director of ABIR

The discussion of self-control of industries has advanced in the federal spheres, seeking a modern vision in relation to inspection and good manufacturing practices. What is society’s perception of the subject?

THE QUESTION OF NUTRIATION: REGULATION, Márcia Terra, nutritionist and member of the board of the Brazilian Society of Nutrition and Food

THE ROLE OF ANVISA IN THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY, Alessandra Bastos Soares, Director of Anvisa

With the Economic Freedom Act and the self-control actions of the Ministry of Agriculture, for example, the government has given a clear signal in the direction of greater confidence with private agents. How does Anvisa look in this scenario? How to protect the consumer and, at the same time, build a relationship of trust with the food sector?

DEBATE – Roberto Rodrigues – Moderator
CLOSURE | 5:00pm to 5:30pm
Roberto Rodrigues, Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center of Fundação Getúlio Vargas