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Payment and delivery applications will transform the future of foodservice


The market still faces many bottlenecks that pack growth, and monitoring consumer behavior has been key to keeping companies competitive


The economic, technological and consumer trend dynamics are the ones that change very fast and dictate the future in all market sectors. With foodservice it is no different. This is why the movement of companies that reinvent themselves is growing, bringing new solutions in products and services that are in line with the social and cultural developments where they operate. Important brands in the foodservice market will be showing their innovations in the second edition of ANUFOOD Brazil – Exclusive International Trade Fair for the Food and Beverage Sector. The fair takes place between March 9 and 11 at São Paulo Expo.


The sector has 160 million consumers per month in Brazil, according to the Institudo Foodservice Brazil, and even so the challenges accompany the other sectors of the economy in the country: when there is a crisis and a reduction in the consumer’s purchasing power, the first item to be overlooked is leisure. And this affects – and very much so – the foodservice sector. Abrasel – Associação Brasielira de Bares e Restaurantes – will discuss the subject during the fair at the II Abrasel Meeting – ESBRE: Saberes para Bares e Restaurantes. “The sector has faced this crisis with gallantry, fighting, innovating, cutting costs, investing in aggressive marketing. It is necessary to talk about the subject with those who are acting directly in the area”, explains Percival Maricato, president of Abrasel.


One of the main issues that will be addressed at the meeting is the changes in the way of consuming. “The current scenario is a fantastic evolution of delivery and payment applications. It is necessary to follow the evolution, get ahead and innovate to face the violent competition characteristic of the segment. The entrepreneur has to improve himself every day, reducing costs, increasing revenues, qualifying permanently”, argues Maricato.


ANUFOOD Brazil is the perfect scenario to discuss the future of the segment, as well as a meeting point for qualified professionals gathered by Abrasel. “Our contribution is to face any and all barriers they try to impose on the sector, and a highly specialized fair like ANUFOOD falls like a glove to face these challenges, since it is very focused on products, services, content and relationships, fundamental pieces to achieve our goals”, she concludes.


The II Abrasel Meeting – ESBRE: Saberes para Bares e Restaurantes will take place on March 9th, 10th and 11th, parallel to other ANUFOOD Brazil activities. See the complete program:



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