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ANUFOOD Brazil Congress will focus on consumer demands


With the curatorship of FGV Projetos, the event will bring together market and government experts to guide the food and beverage industry on what people will want to consume in the coming years


The consumer will have special attention during the Congress that happens simultaneously to the second edition of ANUFOOD Brazil – Exclusive International Fair for Food and Beverages, from March 9th to 11th at São Paulo Expo.With the curatorship of FGV Projetos and co-organization of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp), sector and government experts will debate the trends and products that will impact the consumption in the next years with the objective to guide the food industry to improve the production quality. With more than 7.5 billion people today, the world is expected to exceed 11 billion by 2100.


As the curator of the event, Roberto Rodrigues, Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center of Fundação Getulio Vargas (GV Agro), recalls, it will be necessary to feed these people and Brazil will have great importance in the production of these products.


Among the speakers confirmed for the Congress, on March 9, is the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Tereza Cristina Corrêa da Costa Dias, who will present, during the panel “The Food Business”, her expectations for the food sector in 2020, in addition to talking about her performance at the head of the Ministry, with the opening of new markets and the defense of the image of agribusiness on the international scene.


Next, the economist and former finance minister and former president of BNDES, Joaquim Levy, will present the “Perspectives of the Global Economy”, opening the “Markets” panel. In this second part of the Congress, MBAgro partner-director, Alexandre Mendonça de Barros, will address the “Perspectives for the Global Agribusiness”. The role of Apex – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – in the Global Scenario of Agro” will be outlined by Admiral Sergio Ricardo Segovia Barbosa, president of the agency.


During the afternoon, the panel “Trends in Food Consumption” will be opened by the Director of Institutional Affairs of ITAL – Food Technology Institute of the State of São Paulo- Luiz Madi, who will talk about “The Food Industry in Brazil and Consumer Demand”. Next it will be the turn of the vice-president of the European Foundation for Innovation, Juan Francisco Delgado Morales, to address “The Digital Transformation of the Agrifood Sector”. Following, Renato Dolci, of BTB Data, will speak about “The Consumer in the Digital Age”. Closing the panel, Marcelo Suarez, economist and Marketing Director of BRF will debate “Communication in the Food Sector”.


The “Legislation in the Food Industry” will guide the fourth and last panel. João Dornellas, president of ABIA – Brazilian Association of the Food Industry – will give a lecture on the theme.


The “Legislation in the Beverage Industry” will be in charge of Igor Casto, technical-regulatory director of ABIR – Brazilian Association of Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Next it will be the turn of Márcia Terra, nutritionist and member of the board of the Brazilian Society of Nutrition and Food, who will talk about “The Question of Nutrition: Regulation”. The Congress will be closed by the Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center of FGV, Professor Roberto Rodrigues.




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